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Story of Bardon

Don't let anybody tell you what to dream about

Progressive Rock band from Galway Ireland. Bardon’s poly-rhythmic and melody driven music is inspired by the teachings of Franz Bardon, considered by many as the last Grand Master of Hermetics. Founded in 2013, Bardon is defined by a stylized fusion of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues and Orchestral music resulting in an intriguing, powerful and emotional ride through the very meaning of life itself since their lyrics revolve around existential and personal issues accompanied by a dramatic musical arrangement.

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Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or a bad day, the power of music can change your mood.

Hollow (Official Video)

A Song From: “Riders of the Sun” This Video was shot in Switzerland directed by the incredibly talented Mike Vazquez as usual. The video takes place in several locations and captures the mood and atmosphere of the song perfectly. Enjoy…

You are not alone, are you?

The connected generation It might be daunting at the beginning but the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness is quite common, specially in this generation since we have become so “connected” thanks to the internet when in reality we are more separated than ever before because we have forgotten have to really interact with each other. […]

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