Among The Prophets (Official Video)

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Among The Prophets Official Video is now LIVE. Coming from our debut album “Sleeping Awake” the song is an interesting mix of classical guitar, country, rock and folk. The video shooting took place in a dried up lake on the road between Guadalajara and Colima in Mexico as always the man behind the camera the extremely talented Mike Vazquez.

Such a hot day, nothing that a cold one can’t fix.

Mike Vazquez

Sleeping Awake is the title of our latest effort containing an explosive mix of styles and soundscapes going from the heaviness of the opener tracks to an atmospheric and ethereal trip trough the deepest of your consciousness.

Ranging from the chaotic and polyrhythmic nature of Progressive Metal to the moody and stylish sound of a heavier and modern version of Pink Floyd

with a touch of the melodic and powerful aspects of Iron Maiden following an inspiring and thought provoking concept asking the question “How real is what we think to be real?”.

Avaliable Now on every major streaming service.

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