Story ofBardon

Don't let anybody tell you what to dream about

Bardon is a Progressive Rock band from Guadalajara Mexico, based in Galway Ireland since 2017. Defined by an atmospheric but focus, powerful and catchy style of Rock, Bardon’s poly-rhythmic and melody driven music is inspired by the teachings of Franz Bardon, considered by many as the last Grand Master of Hermetics.

Founded in 2013 by Vocalist Adam Grant, Bass player Will L’Franc and Guitar player Ernesto “Scorpio” Pimentel who were joined by Drummer Manuel Printzen soon to be replaced by Daniel Sahagun. In 2014 Jorge Magaña joins the band defining their signature sound: three guitars harmonies, marking the beginning of what would become their first album.

“Sleeping Awake” is the title of their debut album released in 2016, an explosive yet intimate exploration of the true nature of reality and the awakening of the self.

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