You are not alone, are you?

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The connected generation

It might be daunting at the beginning but the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness is quite common, specially in this generation since we have become so “connected” thanks to the internet when in reality we are more separated than ever before because we have forgotten have to really interact with each other.

Lately a have being thinking a lot about the idea that it is quite difficult to engage in a meaningful conversation with almost everyone now that the attention spans of people have drop to a dramatic level of almost little to non existent.

But this is Bardon’s Blog isn’t it supposed to be related to music?

You are completely right my friend, and the reason why I am bringing the topic to the table is because music now a days is becoming simpler and formulaic. Don’t get me wrong there are some great pop acts in the likes of the Weekend, Daft Punk, Farrell Williams among others, but have you seen how almost every song on the top playlists sound so similar? I am talking about melodic structure, dynamics (or lack of), the sound of the mix and the arrangement and specially the length of the song… and this is related to the beginning of the article, the ridiculously small attention span that society has at the moment is affecting the way music is being developed. Some may say that it is because the medium has changed and what use to be a common practice, like having an instrumental intro so the radio presenter could do his job using the beginning of the song as a backdrop for a mention of one of the sponsors of the show, or to introduce the band have been completely become obsolete since radio does not have the same importance it once had. But in my opinion this is only destroying the variety in the music and also it is a reflection of our society and how it has been deteriorated by the over use of technology.

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